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pico day art entry no. 3

2008-04-06 09:42:56 by burningice579

my 3rd entry. the best yet!

pico day art entry no. 3


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2008-04-06 09:51:07

nice! i like them

burningice579 responds:



2008-04-06 10:42:31

Yeah, Astig talaga yung E-heads. about your entry. I think it will be better if it was full or half body, just a suggestion though.

Anyway, visit my page
or my alt
feel free to post a comment

burningice579 responds:

yeah... yun nga eh... sana full or half body nlng... ganda mga songs ng E-heads! hehe


2008-04-21 04:08:14

lol si darnell prang lolo na..


2008-04-30 23:08:10

Not many filipinos on here so i hope you are the first to become a legend here on Newgrounds!!

Go Philipines

burningice579 responds:

haha... grabe nmn yan... but thanks! wala pa rn ako mxdo buddies d2 sa newgrounds eh, hehe... Go Philippines!