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Ok... well so many people asked me for help in cross examinations... especially A-bot's. So then I figured out that I might as well make walkthrough... even though the game is very short. I am gonna make this walkthrough very short but I promise I will make it better next time! I won't put all the unecessary details because it is,infact, unecessary and useless.

oh, before I forget, here's the link to the game =D
Pico: Ace Attorney game link

1. (skipping the introduction)
okay... so first you talk with Nene. She asks you if you find your client guilty or innocent... actually you can choose either because it's not that important really...

2.Now you go to the trial proper. the judge(Tom) asks you a test question: who is the victim in the trial. You can check the court record... or you can use your mind to recall what Nene told you a while ago, or you can read this walkthrough. The answer is not A-bot, Am-bot, or Ro-bot. It is obviously P-bot. don't worry, there's no penalty =D

3. So your first witness- Tankman. During the cross examination, he says that the CD with the virus is the only one which was electronic that was found within the crime scene. And the CD isn't even electronic! it's just computer related. it doesn't use electricity or condu.... well anyway. WRONG! how about the mp3 player? present the mp3 player during his statement about the Cd being the only electronic device!

4.You finished tankman and the judge asks if you have more questions. you can say you have more questions, you can also say that you have more questions. I prefer you say that you have more questions so you can get more information =D. but because you are in this walkthrough, don't bother... it's kinda useless with a walkthrough

5. A-BOT! okay... this is a hard one. He says that he downloaded songs. So he was saying he downloaded songs into HIS mp3 player. well then... SHOW HIM THE MP3 PLAYER! present the mp3 player (again) as evidence during the witness's statement "I was downloading songs from the internet to my mp3 player using the defendant's laptop"...

You found his mp3 player in the crimescene... so it possibly might be his!

6. Pico is going to ask about something:
-forgetting about the borrowing
-His face
-audio portal

if you choose his face, you get a sure solid 1 penalty. if you choose the audio portal, you have a 50% chance of getting 1 penalty. so choose the most obvious answer: "FORGETTING ABOUT THE BORROWING"

6.5(i forgot to add this one!) there is another contradiction in a certain statement. A-bot said he lent his mp3 player to P-bot at 2:40 pm, but then that is also the time the defendant gave the CD! so show/present the CD!

7. Ok, so there's this part that you almost lost but Nene convinced you to continue. So you request the judge to:
-do a test on mp3 player
-Give up

ok..... choose "do a test on mp3 player".... ^_^

8.you have a recess and then back to trial. You request you take a try on the password of the mp3 player... You shouldn't actually get it on first try... so i'll tell you the password later.

9. so you didn't get the password? no worries! piconjo made a deal that you find him a motive. So what is A-bot's motive actually? Present the newspaper article!

The cash prize on the contest is the motive... present the NG article to the judge.
NOTE: you only get one chance. you get this wrong you lose even though you have a lot of lives left.

10. YOU WIN!!!!

*11. the password is "hiro" without the quotation marks. I'm not sure if it's case sensitive, but I think I made sure it was not case sensitive.

12.shoot piconjo.... (Yes, i will improve the endng ^_^)

Well that's it. I want to thank you a lot for playing my flash game. Thank you for inspiring me and I will make a sequel if badly demanded.... and if you like one, hehe... THANK YOU AGAIN! NEWGROUNDERS RULE!